Gisele Bundchen Nose Job Before & After

Gisele Bundchen Nose Job

Who doesn’t know about the highest paid of world model Gisele Bundchen? Well, she is known as a famous and professional model in Brazil. As a great model certainly must have a charming and perfect appearance to attract attention of the public. Gisele Bundchen is actually has a natural beauty appearance, it same with her mother. In the past press con, she had ever said that she will never undergo any plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance, she also said that, she like has a natural appearance like her mom said. So that she wants to avoid any plastic surgery procedures.

However, the shocking fact comes to her; in recently she even did a plastic surgery of nose job to enhance her nose appearance. How comes? In the past, she said that she will never do any plastic surgery, but evidently, she is inconsistent with her last statement because she has undergone a nose job (rhinoplasty) to her face. Although, it is not confirmed yet by her in the press con, the proof is clear enough that she has undergone plastic surgery. It can be shown by her last pictures; her nose seems narrower and smaller than before.

As a model, maintaining the perfect appearance is actually a must. However, to keep the best appearance is not always using a plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has a great risk for whom deciding to do it. The rhinoplasty that is done by Gisele Bundchen belongs to the successful result, because she got much perfect nose than before. Unfortunately, Gisele Bundchen plastic surgery didn’t confirm about the truth, but the public has known about her alteration by comparing from the former appearance and the latest appearance. Her plastic surgery actually becomes shocking fact, because she is not consistent about her last statement to the media.

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