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The Lohan name is no stranger to media speculation or fodder. From the “star of the show” Lindsay, to her partying mother, Dina, to her often unruly father, Michael, it seems the L word is plastered all over the tabloids and online media sites these days. And sister Ali is no exception. The model has sported a transformation recently with her appearance. While she was always thin, she appears even trimmer in her before and after photos, in addition to sporting longer, lighter locks. Has she or has she not had some “work done?”

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Beyond Basic “Hair and Makeup”

At the tender age of nineteen, the working model and sister of Lindsay appears to have had some breast augmentation done judging from some before and after photos of her sporting a white T-shirt with a bikini top underneath. To say the difference was anything less than dramatic would be an understatement, because her transformation is hardly understated. While we certainly can justify the longer locks and fresh face to hair extensions and makeup from the line she is currently representing as a spokesperson, there’s no denying that “the girls” debut goes beyond “hair and makeup!”

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Procedure

Everything in Moderation, even an Occasional In-n-Out Burger with “The Works”

Ali doesn’t appear to have had some Botox or other injectable done, nor does it look like she has had any plastic surgery on her face. (She’s too young for chiseled features and too young to have really experienced enough laughter to produce “laugh lines” at this point her life- she’s barely two decades old.) And that’s a good thing. We credit her for taking what nature gave her and enhancing it with products like a good skin care regimen, makeup, healthy hair care products and a lifestyle that incorporates regular diet and exercise (in addition to the occasional In-n-Out Burger Splurge with the works, but hey, she’s young, can afford it, and everything in moderation, right?) So in that department, she represents everything a healthy almost twenty-something young lady should be at this point in her life.

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before & After

A Sign of Discomfort in her Own Skin and Falling Prey to Instant Gratification?

However, we give her a thumb down for the breast augmentation, especially if she underwent surgery and didn’t ask the proper questions that could affect her in an adverse way year down the road. At Ali’s age, everything is about appearance and instant gratification, without giving much thought to ramifications in later years. One would hope both family members and professionals in the plastic surgery industry sat down with her to explain the pros and cons of this type of procedure along with the long-term health risks that could potentially be involved. Our guess is that’s probably not the case, sadly. While we are all for people feeling comfortable in their own skin, it’s imperative to keep in mind that nothing feels as good as inner confidence.

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Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery – Before & After Photoshttp://surgerybeforeafter.com/barbara-walters-plastic-surgery-before-after-photos/ http://surgerybeforeafter.com/barbara-walters-plastic-surgery-before-after-photos/#comments Sat, 09 Aug 2014 18:59:28 +0000 http://surgerybeforeafter.com/?p=3498 For 84 years old, it’s difficult to say that Barbara Walters made the wrong decision in going with a couple of plastic surgery procedures to help her look much, much younger than she actually is.

Unlike a lot of Hollywood and media stars her age, Barbara Walters definitely took a different approach to plastic surgery – shooting for a much more subtle, understated, and (dare we say) classy approach.

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before & After

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before & After

Because of this, most of the Barbara Walters plastic surgery procedures have flown under the radar, even though (upon close inspection) it’s pretty much a given that she’s used at least a couple of different surgical solutions to get her right back on track.

It all started in the 80s

No, not the 80s as far as her age is concerned, but the actual decade of fishnet shirts and questionable haircuts.

Barbara Walters apparently started getting into plastic surgery in the early 80s, contemplating a nose job that would have overhauled her famous profile and instead settling for a couple of quick facelift procedures, a couple of cheek implants to support her world-famous smile, and cosmetic procedures that completely overhauled her teeth.

However, those Barbara Walters plastic procedures in the early 1980s began to spill into more procedures in the 1990s and 2000’s, and it wasn’t all that long until she was jumping on board the exact same plastic surgery train that so many other celebrities her age (as well as many of them much younger) had already decided to take advantage of…

… All aboard the Botox Express!

Today you would be hard-pressed to find even a handful of celebrities (including the most youthful of the bunch) that haven’t already had their first Botox injection – and many of them get out the toxins you on an almost monthly basis!

And while Barbara Walters plastic surgery that close together or that routinely, she has even openly admitted to moving forward with Botox procedures to help fight wrinkles and signs of aging that anyone who has reached their eighth decade of life will inevitably be walking around with.

In 2011, Barbara Walters attended the wedding of Paul McCartney and to some guests looked a little bit “wax like”. This was because she had just recently updated her Botox injection for this particular occasion, and just didn’t give enough time for the Botox to naturally relax while still holding her skin exactly where she wanted it.

She certainly isn’t the first celebrity to deal with a plastic surgery mishap or mistake, and it’s unlikely that she’ll be the last.

Most of the time she denies having any Barbara Walters plastic surgery work performed outside of the Botox, but before and after pictures tell a completely different story. If you’d like to see firsthand the kind of work that the Barbara Walters plastic surgery team has performed on her over the last four or five decades, all you have to do is take a quick peek on Google and you’ll find a bucket of different pictures to verify for yourself.

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Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Rumorshttp://surgerybeforeafter.com/catherine-zeta-jones-plastic-surgery-rumors/ http://surgerybeforeafter.com/catherine-zeta-jones-plastic-surgery-rumors/#comments Sat, 02 Aug 2014 17:12:19 +0000 http://surgerybeforeafter.com/?p=3492 If the subject of Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery comes up, men unanimously say they don’t care and women ask for the doctor’s phone number. She has been considered one of Hollywood’s great beauties ever since she broke onto the scene with 1998’s The Mask of Zorro, and she’s rarely been out of the public eye since then. She’s married to a member of showbiz royalty, Michael Douglas, and is the mother of his two children. She has aged extremely well, and seems to get even more beautiful as the years go by.

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Before & After

Unlike some of her co-stars and colleagues in Hollywood, Catherine Zeta Jones has been willing to answer questions about plastic surgery. She says she has never had any procedures. The actress has been very forthcoming about her mental health issues, and has sought treatment for bipolar disorder, so it would seem like she’d be willing to admit if she’d had surgery or treatments to improve her looks. It used to be that it was considered rude to ask a woman her age, and asking a woman if she’s had cosmetic surgery is just like the modern version of that. You’re not supposed to ask, and if you do, you’re not supposed to expect an honest answer in return, or an answer at all.

Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery rumors didn’t go away just because she denied them publicly. She’s only forty-five years old, so unlike many actresses that grew up entirely before the Internet age, there are a lot of pictures of her as a young girl available on the Web. Despite her protestations, she looks a lot different than when she was younger.

Catherine Zeta Jones Breast Implants

Catherine Zeta Jones Breast Implants

Catherine Zeta Jones procedures that have been mentioned by educated observers of the actress include, first and foremost, a nose job. While it’s possible that she “grew into” her nose, it appears very much larger in pictures of her when she was high school age. Her hyper-smooth face makes others suspect that she’s at least dabbled in Botox injections. And of course, when you’re on the beach in your bikini and there are photographers around, if your bustline has expanded a great deal while your bottom hasn’t, there will be questions about a boob job.

A famous plastic surgeon from London offered his opinion on Zeta Jones’ enlarged bust size, which she credited to weight gain that comes with motherhood. He pointed out that Zeta Jones’ larger breasts are very full and carried high up on her chest, a sign of a well performed boob job. If she did indeed use a plastic surgeon, she used a very good one, as she looks amazing in the picture in question.

Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery rumors will never go away as long as wrinkles never appear on her face. If she did have work done, it has to be some of the best cosmetic surgery available anywhere in the world, because she is able to deny the fact that she’s had any work done with impunity.

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Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Gone Awryhttp://surgerybeforeafter.com/wayne-newton-plastic-surgery-gone-awry/ http://surgerybeforeafter.com/wayne-newton-plastic-surgery-gone-awry/#comments Fri, 01 Aug 2014 15:05:29 +0000 http://surgerybeforeafter.com/?p=3488 Wayne Newton has, for generations, been a talented and beloved entertainer. Nicknamed “Mr. Las Vegas” because he is a perennial favorite Las Vegas performer, Wayne Newton is known for crooning such popular tunes as “Dabje Schoen,” “Remember When,” and “Red Roses for a Blue Lady.”

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before & After

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before & After

With a career spanning well over five decades, Wayne Newton has maintained relevancy and celebrity status by, among other things, landing cameo appearances in multiple movies such as “Oceans Eleven,” and “Vegas Vacation,” as well as television shows including “Ellen,” “Roseanne,” “Ally McBeal,” and “My Wife and Kids.”

Seemingly ubiquitous, and always in the limelight, it is no wonder that Wayne Newton has had plastic surgery in order to prevent the natural process of aging from taking its toll on his money-making and camera loving face.

The evidence

It is impossible to view pictures of Wayne Newton’s transformation over the years without gleaning a solid understanding the Wayne Newton has had an excess of plastic surgery, or various kinds and forms.

In his 70s, Wayne Newton’s face, if left untouched by cosmetic surgery, would most likely have multiple wrinkles, thin or almost translucent skin, gaunt cheeks, sagging skin, and freckles or age spots (to name only a few effects of aging). Wayne Newton’s face, however, reflects not one of these items.

On the contrary, Wayne Newton’s face is unmarred by age. His skin is so shiny and tight that it looks at times as if he is wearing a mask of his younger self.

Facelift and blepharoplasty

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery procedure that literally defies gravity’s effects on the face and lifts the facial skin and structures to reflect a more youthful look.  Wayne Newton has quite obviously had this form of plastic surgery because his face at the age of 70 is at least as high on his facial bone structure as it was when he was in his 30s, a fact that would be virtually impossible in the absence of plastic surgery. He has no visible signs of jowls, that typically result from a combined loss of skin tone and sagging fat deposits.

An eyelift, or blepharoplasty, is a more specific plastic surgery that Wayne Newton most likely had. In this procedure, sagging eyes and drooping eyelids are medically enhanced in order to prevent the droops and sags from betraying a person’s advancing age. Because Wayne Newton has no signs of dropped lids or under eye bags, it appears that he had eyelift plastic surgery in addition to an overall facelift.

Other procedures

Because it appears from a comparison of photographs over the years that Wayne Newton has had more than one form of plastic surgery, it is almost impossible to determine what kinds he has had. There is no doubt, however, that Wayne Newton has had plastic surgery, and this his face, as a result, does not reflect his true age. One might wonder whether he should consider slowing down a bit, in order to let his face rest a little and reflect a more natural youthful look.

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Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Gone Awryhttp://surgerybeforeafter.com/ashley-judd-plastic-surgery-gone-awry/ http://surgerybeforeafter.com/ashley-judd-plastic-surgery-gone-awry/#comments Wed, 30 Jul 2014 15:00:49 +0000 http://surgerybeforeafter.com/?p=3484 It’s never good when it’s shockingly obvious that a celebrity has decided to go through with plastic surgery.

This almost always means that a plastic surgery procedure was botched somewhere along the way, resulting in unnatural features that are immediately apparent and obvious to everyone with a brain. This usually (but not always) destroys the otherwise natural beauty of a particular Hollywood starlet or hunk, and leaves people like us wondering why they would have taken the risk in the first place.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before & After

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before & After

That’s exactly what people are thinking about the latest Ashley Judd plastic surgery pictures.

It almost looks like her face is swollen on a permanent basis

Far and away one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Ashley Judd may have just turned 46 but she certainly didn’t look like it – though it would have been difficult to tell through all of the Ashley Judd plastic surgery procedures that have been performed in just the last few years.

Pictures that were taken in 2005 show a smiley, thin faced, absolutely gorgeous knockout Hollywood star in her prime – but pictures taken recently show just how much Ashley Judd plastic surgery has been performed, and how far celebrities can stray from what they used to look like.

Today, Ashley Judd has a face that is almost twice as around as it used to be – and it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with her putting on a bit of weight. Her body is still as thin and beautiful as it’s always been, but her face and neck is now completely devoid of wrinkles (a surefire sign of a Botox injection), but everything else just kind of looks “puffed up”.

Obviously, without being able to look at the personal records of the Ashley Judd plastic surgery team, we’ll never know exactly what kind of procedures she had performed. However, from an outside observer perspective (and according to a number of industry experts), it’s pretty obvious that she used to terribly much filler in her face, too much Botox all at once, and it’s going to take at least a little bit of time for everything to “go back to normal”.

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery

Did she have a nose job as well?

Though the Ashley Judd plastic surgery face swelling has been pretty much well-documented, that she may or may not have had a nose job in the recent past is still up for debate and the cause of much speculation and rumor.

It’s difficult to tell whether or not her nose still retains the same classically beautiful shape that it used to have even just a couple of years ago through all of that extra Botox and filler, but some are reporting that it has a different and somewhat more upturned look to it than it used to in years past.

This is definitely a bit of a shocker, as Ashley Judd was definitely thought to be one of the more classical beauties in Hollywood today – someone that would not get sucked into the “nip and tuck” kind of lifestyle.

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Andie Macdowell Plastic Surgery – Fact or Fiction?http://surgerybeforeafter.com/andie-macdowell-plastic-surgery-fact-or-fiction/ http://surgerybeforeafter.com/andie-macdowell-plastic-surgery-fact-or-fiction/#comments Mon, 28 Jul 2014 16:52:46 +0000 http://surgerybeforeafter.com/?p=3478 When it comes to natural beauties in Hollywood, few women can compare to Andie MacDowell. Whether you know her from Groundhog’s Day or Four Weddings and a Funeral, Andie MacDowell has long been right at home in front of the camera and it’s not tough to see why—she hasn’t seemed to age a bit since the first time we saw her. However, is that because Andie MacDowell had plastic surgery or because god simply likes her better? Let’s take a look.

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before & After

Andie MacDowell Plastic Surgery Before & After

Her Body

Although Andie MacDowell has had three children, her body hasn’t changed much in the past 30 years. This has long fueled suggestions that she had some kind of work done, but most plastic surgeons who have been quizzed on the matter (and none of which actually did work on her) haven’t found any of the telltale signs that she went under the knife to keep her frame taut and enviable. This isn’t impossible, of course, though it is an advantage most of us would die for.

However, being that the famous actress didn’t have any work done to keep her beautiful physique, there’s a good chance many of her other features simply refuse to age as well. She has also mentioned a fairly active lifestyle in different interviews and has never been known for the hard partying antics that often age celebrities prematurely.

The Face

Andie MacDowell has always been known for her girl next door good looks and those haven’t gone away even now that she’s in her fifties. This has led to speculation that she must have had some kind of work done to maintain such a timeless look.

For one thing, she has almost no visible wrinkles on her famous face, despite the fact that she’s well known for that beautiful smile. If most of us grinned from ear to ear as much as she did, we’d have some mileage to show for it. Then again, if most of us looked like MacDowell, we’d have reason to be smiling that much as well.

That’s not the only place wrinkles should probably have appeared by now though. MacDowell’s entire face looks youthful which could be the result of procedures meant for plumping. One very popular option actually relocates your body’s fat to help erode fine lines and wrinkles and bring back a softer, more youthful appearance.

If Andie Macdowell had plastic surgery, it would appear her forehead benefited as well. It appears relaxed, whereas for many people her age, it often shows some signs of aging. A lot of people have very pronounced wrinkles by her age that simply don’t appear across her forehead at all.

Her Two Cents

To be fair, MacDowell has never confirmed nor denied if she has had work done. What she has said is that she doesn’t judge others for having work done, but that it’s a mistake thinking that a little plastic surgery will bring instant happiness. I don’t know, Andie. If it, most of us looked like you, I think we’d have a lot less to be unhappy about.

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Did Plastic Surgery Make Rapper Kim Hyun Joong Even More Perfect?http://surgerybeforeafter.com/did-plastic-surgery-make-rapper-kim-hyun-joong-even-more-perfect/ http://surgerybeforeafter.com/did-plastic-surgery-make-rapper-kim-hyun-joong-even-more-perfect/#comments Sat, 26 Jul 2014 16:41:55 +0000 http://surgerybeforeafter.com/?p=3474 Kim Hyun Joong, a popular young male rapper from South Korea, was perfectly flawless when he released his first album with the group SS501 in 2005. Beyond his rapping career, he is also well known as an actor and general overall entertainer. His features and look are so sleek and iconic that he has been referred to periodically as a “walking statue.” It is not surprising that such a beautiful face is, in part, the result of masterful plastic surgery, which helped to improve his already beautiful features.

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Before & After

Notably, Kim Hyun Joong has admitted publicly that he has had rhinoplasty (plastic surgery on his nose). Certainly, Kim Hyun Joong did not require the surgery to improve his looks, and he claims that the surgery was medically necessary after he was involved in a minor accident. Without the plastic surgery, Joong asserts, the injury would have failed to heal properly. This assertion helps to underscore that plastic surgery is not always used solely for cosmetic purposes, and can be quite beneficial for medically necessary physical changes.

Has Kim Hyun Joong had Other Plastic Surgery?

Even a flawless young teenaged boy can feel immensely self-conscious about his looks, particularly where, as here, that boy is one of the most renowned celebrities in South Korea. Kim Hyun Joong also happens to be “the” face of “The Face Shop,” which is a company that markets cosmetics and beauty items to both men and women. With such a beautiful face, with or without plastic surgery, Kim Hyun Joong’s smooth features appeal to both men and women alike.

With so many people scrutinizing his features each day, one wonders whether Kim Hyun Joong may have had more plastic surgery than that to which he has already admitted.

So, What Are Kim Hyun Joong Plastic SUrgery Procedures?

When comparing photos taken of Kim Hyun Joong over the years, what other plastic surgery do the photos indicate he might have had?

Liposuction or facelift

Facelifts are usually thought about in connection with older individuals, whose skin has slackened and lost elasticity over the years, through the natural aging process. Younger people, though, sometimes will get a face lift, or even liposuction of the facial and neck areas, in order to thin their face. It is possible that Kim Hyun Joong had such surgery, as the evidence of it can be seen by comparing the thinness of his face, and the beautifully high cheekbones in his “after” picture versus the stouter and fatter features in his “before” photograph.

Lip reduction or lip reshaping surgery

It is also evident from the comparison of Kim Hyun Joong’s before and after pictures that his lips are noticeably thinner and more shapely in the after picture than they were in the before picture. While not the most common lip plastic surgery, if Kim Hyun Joong had lip reduction or lip reshaping plastic surgery, then he had it done by a talented surgeon. His face, which was beautiful before any plastic surgery, is more perfect than ever.

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Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before & After Pictureshttp://surgerybeforeafter.com/chelsea-clinton-plastic-surgery-before-after-pictures/ http://surgerybeforeafter.com/chelsea-clinton-plastic-surgery-before-after-pictures/#comments Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:55:50 +0000 http://surgerybeforeafter.com/?p=3469 Chelsea Clinton has been in the public eye for many years now due to her father’s presidency. It’s unfortunate that she’s had to be subject to such scrutiny for so long, but, it is the way things are — and, with the way things are, people simply can’t help but comment on the transformation that’s taken place in her looks over the years. A number of experts have offered comment on what procedures they think Chelsea Clinton has undergone, and, here, we’ll take a look at what they’ve had to say.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before After

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before After

The first things people noted about Chelsea Clinton’s cosmetic transformation were those which did not need surgical intervention: She straightened her hair, straightened and whitened her teeth, and started taking better care of her skin as she came more into the public eye. Some noticed that her chin looked different, however, and a few plastic surgeons — amongst them, Dr Walden, a Manhattan based medical doctor — mentioned that she very well may have undergone a jaw augmentation at some point or another. Of course, this is just speculation, as Dr. Walden did not treat Miss Clinton, and the latter has never made any public comments on the matter herself.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Pictures

Chelsea Clinton Then & Now

The majority of Chelsea Clinton’s transformation can be attributed to her having followed a mostly vegetarian diet and strict exercise plan for many years. She is slimmer and better toned these days, especially as compared to her teenage years, and this is entirely the work of her will and hard work. There have been some rumors as to whether or not she is a vegan, which she has publicly denied in an interview she gave in 2010:

“I was never a vegan. I gave up  meat at age 13. When I was 29, I woke up one day and craved it. My husband, an inveterate carnivore, was thrilled.”

Another Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery rumor  is that she has received a rhinoplasty — a nose job — but all of the cosmetic surgeons consulted on the issue deny that this is possible. “Obviously we can’t say for sure,” said Dr DeCena, a surgeon in Long Island City, Queens, NY, who has not treated Miss Clinton, “but given the pictures of her in her youth as compared to those we have of her today — I just can’t see it. I think it’s ridiculous to say she’s undergone a rhinoplasty when the only changes in her face seem to be clearer skin and whiter teeth, neither of which fall within the domain of the cosmetic surgeon.”

It’s possible that Chelsea Clinton has had a botox injection or two — her face looks very, very smooth — but, then again, it is also possible that she has simply taken care of her skin. The fact of this ambiguity shows that, if she has undergone these operations, her surgeon is certainly very skilled, and she definitely looks better for it.

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Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Disasterhttp://surgerybeforeafter.com/goldie-hawn-plastic-surgery-disaster/ http://surgerybeforeafter.com/goldie-hawn-plastic-surgery-disaster/#comments Wed, 23 Jul 2014 18:42:05 +0000 http://surgerybeforeafter.com/?p=3464 Goldie Shows Some Signs of Tarnish But Still Sparkles

It seems everything Goldie Hawn touches turns to gold. Her name says it all. From her days as the ditzy blonde bombshell on Laugh in, to her debut as bubblehead turned brainy Army grunt in the film Private Benjamin, Goldie Hawn rises to the occasion and sparkles. While she is one of the most adorable and beautiful actresses Hollywood has seen both past and present, what adds to her beauty is her sparkling personality. She bubbles over with enthusiasm wherever she goes and you can’t help but smile when you see her.

Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Before & After

Goldie Hawn Plastic Surgery Before & After

Falling Down the “Fountain of Youth” Trap Door

These days, while Hawn is still as beautiful as ever with an equally positive attitude and personality, she does appear to have fallen prey to the Hollywood “Fountain of Youth” trap. Looking at recent before and after photos of Goldie would indicate that she at the very least, has become a regular user of fillers and injectables and perhaps a facelift. Her face it tight, taut and shiny and appears unnatural. The work she has had done does not enhance her looks, but rather makes her appear plastic and “trying too hard.” Plus, it would appear that she isn’t liberal with the sunscreen while tanning and between that and being a lifelong smoker, the lines she is trying to diminish and skin she is trying to refresh appear leathery and worn around her face and neck.

Goldie Hawn Facelift

Goldie Hawn Facelift

Dulling Her Image Unnecessarily

Hawn has always been naturally thin, so while her body maintains its slender and youthful appearance of someone half her age, due to the sun damage and years of smoking and now added fillers, laser treatments and other injectables, her face just doesn’t match the same number age-wise as her body. However, to be fair about it, when Goldie is dolled up, dressed to the nines and has just come from hair and makeup, she still exudes the same young appearance she did when she first began her acting career, especially when she flashes her megawatt trademark smile. Nothing shines brighter than Hawn when she’s on stage, in a film or doing a talk show, walking the red carpet or doing a press junket. As always, she steals the show with her exuberant personality, smile and charm.

Sending the Wrong Message

If not for herself, Hawn should give some consideration to the message she is sending to her equally beautiful and talented daughter, Kate Hudson, who looks just like Hawn did during her younger years. We think Goldie’s effervescence is timeless and instead of enhancing her sparkle and shine, she’s only dulling it and adding tarnish with these unnecessary extras. In addition to being extremely talented, Hawn is known for being an extremely intelligent, shrewd and smart businesswoman. She should apply that intelligence and reasoning the next time she wants to change what is already a classic beauty.

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Park Bom Plastic Surgery – How Much Is Too Much?http://surgerybeforeafter.com/park-bom-plastic-surgery-how-much-is-too-much/ http://surgerybeforeafter.com/park-bom-plastic-surgery-how-much-is-too-much/#comments Tue, 22 Jul 2014 19:27:04 +0000 http://surgerybeforeafter.com/?p=3456 This is less a question of whether Park Bom has had plastic surgery, but more a question of when will she stop? Enough is enough. And the tragedy is that she is barely more than two decades old. Bom, of 2NE1 fame, has had a laundry list of procedures done, beginning with double eyelid surgery (yes we said double. Why didn’t she proudly display her Asian heritage rather than try to mask it? Park, we thought you were beautiful and haven’t you heard, cat eyes are definitely the “in” thing- people pay lots of money to have their eyes made up the way yours were, and you were gifted it naturally.)

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before & After

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before & After

Distortion in Mammoth Proportion

Additionally, this young, beautiful and talented actress appears to have had two nose jobs performed. (Again, why change what you were naturally born with to fit into a stereotypical mold that has a short shelf life that shatters eventually anyway).  To add insult to injury (and let’s hope the surgeons she used were good ones to avoid any real injury beyond her self-esteem) the star appears to have had facial contouring, facial reshaping, laser treatments, fillers and injectables, lip fillers and breast augmentation. This is not a case of enhancing her youth, she’s already young. This is an addiction to plastic surgery, fueled by low self-esteem and self-confidence. Representatives for Park claim she states that she underwent at least some of these procedures for an undisclosed “illness” however we believe the illness stems more from an emotional state than a physical impairment of some sort. Park’s face has completely changed in dimension and symmetry when you compare her before and after photos. For such a young girl, she looks very plastic.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery

An Alarming Message to Millions

Alarming also, is the message this lovely young lady is sending to her fans, who look to her as a mentor and to emulate her.  This is the reason why young girls, barely into their teen years, are begging their parents to give them plastic surgery for their birthdays. Breast implants, lip fillers, Botox, all to look like “the stars they see on TV” because they feel this is a glamorous way to live.  The message Park should be sending is to live life to the fullest when you’re young, appreciate what you’ve got and make the most of what you have and live for today. Instead, she is conveying to millions of young girls the opposite.

Changing Vs. Enhancing

What she also doesn’t realize are the ramifications and possible long term health problems that can arise from going under the knife so often. The last person we can remember who was this obsessed with changing their look (note we said change, not enhance, there’s a difference) was Michael Jackson, and we all know what a tragedy that turned out to be. Park should take pride in her heritage and enjoy her youth. She has plenty of time to grow up.

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