Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before & After

Farrah Abraham Cosmetic Surgery

Former MTV Teen Mom Star “Farrah Abraham” has been in the news a lot lately mostly due to the release of the “leaked” sex tape that she filmed with adult movie star James Deen in 2013. Since the release of the tape, her popularity has risen, and she has been featured in a lot of celebrity magazines, gone on talk shows, promoted clubs, and has even been invited to award shows like the Grammy’s. She is also a bestselling author and the face of Raspberry Ketones diet supplements.

Farrah Abraham’s first plastic surgery procedure was a breast augmentation that she had done while she was filming Teen Mom in 2011, she was so determined to get the procedure done that she actually applied for several bank loans, she was rejected by most of them but one finally came through for her. Even though she was pleased with the results, she admitted that the procedure hurt.

Farrah Abraham Boob Job
Farrah Abraham Breast Implants

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before After

After Teen Mom was over, Abraham continued to alter other imperfections that she thought she had, and admitted in an interview with In Touch magazine that she had a nose job and chin implant in October of 2012. She had the procedures done in Florida by a Dr. Salzhauer. According to the magazine, she said she had hated her nose since she was 13 years old, and that she was pleased with the results of the plastic surgery. She also went on to say she doesn’t ever have to change anything on her face again, and that she felt gorgeous. At That point, she said she had spent a total of $16,000 on all her surgeries, and that it was money well spent because of the way it made her feel about herself.

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Since the release of her adult video, Farrah Abraham had her breasts augmented again, this time she went from a C-cup to a D-cup. She confirmed it on her verified Twitter account in June 2013, with before and after pictures posted on her account. She also managed to provide a link to her breast implant plastic surgeons website, in case any of her fans were wondering where she got them done, or are interested in getting some work done.

Farrah Abraham has had four cosmetic surgery procedures in two years, with the recent release of the sequel to her adult film debut, Farrah should be expecting another huge payday, so don’t be surprised if she decides to get something else worked on.

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