Did Emily Maynard Have Plastic Surgery?

Emily Maynard Plastic Surgery Before & After

Emily Maynard is very famous for her gorgeous blonde look; however her recent appearance which is far from natural makes many people believe that she has been undergoing some plastic surgery procedures to boost her appearance.

Emily Maynard has not officially talked about this rumor, but some online magazine & blogger have reported that she has likely had breast implants, a nose job and filler injection.  If we are comparing her old photos and the most recent one, it is obvious that her appearance has changed, but is that the result of skillful plastic surgeon or just good genes?

Well, I’m not a plastic surgeon, but judging the before and after photos, it seems that she has had a filler injection like Botox or Restylane since her facial expression looks stiff.

Talking about the nose job & breast implants, it is difficult to be explained since there is a big change in them.

What do you think? Did she look natural? Please feel free to speak your mind….

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