Did Plastic Surgery Make Rapper Kim Hyun Joong Even More Perfect?

Kim Hyun Joong, a popular young male rapper from South Korea, was perfectly flawless when he released his first album with the group SS501 in 2005. Beyond his rapping career, he is also well known as an actor and general overall entertainer. His features and look are so sleek and iconic that he has been referred to periodically as a “walking statue.” It is not surprising that such a beautiful face is, in part, the result of masterful plastic surgery, which helped to improve his already beautiful features.

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Before & After

Notably, Kim Hyun Joong has admitted publicly that he has had rhinoplasty (plastic surgery on his nose). Certainly, Kim Hyun Joong did not require the surgery to improve his looks, and he claims that the surgery was medically necessary after he was involved in a minor accident. Without the plastic surgery, Joong asserts, the injury would have failed to heal properly. This assertion helps to underscore that plastic surgery is not always used solely for cosmetic purposes, and can be quite beneficial for medically necessary physical changes.

Has Kim Hyun Joong had Other Plastic Surgery?

Even a flawless young teenaged boy can feel immensely self-conscious about his looks, particularly where, as here, that boy is one of the most renowned celebrities in South Korea. Kim Hyun Joong also happens to be “the” face of “The Face Shop,” which is a company that markets cosmetics and beauty items to both men and women. With such a beautiful face, with or without plastic surgery, Kim Hyun Joong’s smooth features appeal to both men and women alike.

With so many people scrutinizing his features each day, one wonders whether Kim Hyun Joong may have had more plastic surgery than that to which he has already admitted.

So, What Are Kim Hyun Joong Plastic SUrgery Procedures?

When comparing photos taken of Kim Hyun Joong over the years, what other plastic surgery do the photos indicate he might have had?

Liposuction or facelift

Facelifts are usually thought about in connection with older individuals, whose skin has slackened and lost elasticity over the years, through the natural aging process. Younger people, though, sometimes will get a face lift, or even liposuction of the facial and neck areas, in order to thin their face. It is possible that Kim Hyun Joong had such surgery, as the evidence of it can be seen by comparing the thinness of his face, and the beautifully high cheekbones in his “after” picture versus the stouter and fatter features in his “before” photograph.

Lip reduction or lip reshaping surgery

It is also evident from the comparison of Kim Hyun Joong’s before and after pictures that his lips are noticeably thinner and more shapely in the after picture than they were in the before picture. While not the most common lip plastic surgery, if Kim Hyun Joong had lip reduction or lip reshaping plastic surgery, then he had it done by a talented surgeon. His face, which was beautiful before any plastic surgery, is more perfect than ever.

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