Did Lara Spencer Have Plastic Surgery?

Lara Spencer is in the public eye much more often than most — she is a television journalist, after all, so that’s her job. Rather than pay attention to anything she has to say, unfortunately, the public seems to have taken more to trying to determine whether or not her amazing looks are the result of help she’s had from cosmetic surgeons, or if it’s from hard work she’s put it on her own. While there’s quite a bit of evidence in support of the latter, given her history as a competitive athlete, the rumors still float. Let’s take a look at what people have to say and see if we can sort it out.

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before & After

The first, most common rumor is that Lara Spencer has had botox injections to get rid of crow’s feet and laugh lines, as well as other miscellaneous wrinkles on her forehead and other areas on her face. Most of the before & after pictures we have of Lara Spencer don’t seem to suggest much in the way of extensive botox, so if she has indeed had such operations, they’ve been subtle and well-applied, unlike the cases we see with some older celebrities with botched jobs.

Realistically, Lara Spencer can achieve the look she has simply by being healthy and using makeup in an intelligent, skillful manner. In addition, Miss Spencer isn’t afraid to sport a wrinkle here or there — which, unsurprisingly, do little to nothing to detract from her good looks, and, if anything, only make her more attractive, given the confidence required to simply look as you do on national television in today’s social climate.

Another rumor going around is that Lara Spencer has undergone a tummy-tuck operation or something similar. It’s difficult to pin down where this rumor originated, as there aren’t many photos of Miss Spencer that someone could have used for the before and after comparison required to spot such a thing. In all likelihood, though, this rumor is probably just that — a rumor. Miss Spencer was a collegiate diver, and a very good one at that, and as such is no stranger to athleticism, dieting, and the kind of willpower and work it takes to achieve and maintain a stellar physique. As such, it’s unlikely she would ever be in need of a tummy-tuck, and even less likely that she would ever have one, rather than just do things the “hard way”.

Ultimately, determining whether or not Lara Spencer had plastic surgery is a fool’s errand — it’s impossible to say, until she comes out and admits it, or denies it, herself. It is, however, probable that she’s never had any serious operations — such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, or a tummy-tuck — and, if she has had botox or undergone any other light procedure, her discretion is certainly apparent, as is her surgeon’s skill at keeping the operation unobvious. And one thing is for sure — plastic surgery or not, Lara Spencer is beautiful, and quite the role model to boot!

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