Did Ali Lohan Have Plastic Surgery?

The L Word: Real or Not?

The Lohan name is no stranger to media speculation or fodder. From the “star of the show” Lindsay, to her partying mother, Dina, to her often unruly father, Michael, it seems the L word is plastered all over the tabloids and online media sites these days. And sister Ali is no exception. The model has sported a transformation recently with her appearance. While she was always thin, she appears even trimmer in her before and after photos, in addition to sporting longer, lighter locks. Has she or has she not had some “work done?”

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Beyond Basic “Hair and Makeup”

At the tender age of nineteen, the working model and sister of Lindsay appears to have had some breast augmentation done judging from some before and after photos of her sporting a white T-shirt with a bikini top underneath. To say the difference was anything less than dramatic would be an understatement, because her transformation is hardly understated. While we certainly can justify the longer locks and fresh face to hair extensions and makeup from the line she is currently representing as a spokesperson, there’s no denying that “the girls” debut goes beyond “hair and makeup!”

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Procedure

Everything in Moderation, even an Occasional In-n-Out Burger with “The Works”

Ali doesn’t appear to have had some Botox or other injectable done, nor does it look like she has had any plastic surgery on her face. (She’s too young for chiseled features and too young to have really experienced enough laughter to produce “laugh lines” at this point her life- she’s barely two decades old.) And that’s a good thing. We credit her for taking what nature gave her and enhancing it with products like a good skin care regimen, makeup, healthy hair care products and a lifestyle that incorporates regular diet and exercise (in addition to the occasional In-n-Out Burger Splurge with the works, but hey, she’s young, can afford it, and everything in moderation, right?) So in that department, she represents everything a healthy almost twenty-something young lady should be at this point in her life.

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before & After

A Sign of Discomfort in her Own Skin and Falling Prey to Instant Gratification?

However, we give her a thumb down for the breast augmentation, especially if she underwent surgery and didn’t ask the proper questions that could affect her in an adverse way year down the road. At Ali’s age, everything is about appearance and instant gratification, without giving much thought to ramifications in later years. One would hope both family members and professionals in the plastic surgery industry sat down with her to explain the pros and cons of this type of procedure along with the long-term health risks that could potentially be involved. Our guess is that’s probably not the case, sadly. While we are all for people feeling comfortable in their own skin, it’s imperative to keep in mind that nothing feels as good as inner confidence.

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