Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery Before & After

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery

Diane Keaton embodies much of what America views as aging gracefully. While many older American actresses decry the lack of roles available to women “above a certain age”. Diane has managed to stay relevant and active in her acting career and regularly appears in a few movies each year.

She has been extremely open about aging in Hollywood and has remarked several times that she has not had plastic surgery done, but does not feel negatively about it or those who chose to use it to maintain or change their looks. Diane’s appearance does not show drastic changes over the years, unlike some older actresses. Much of the change in her features over the years can simply be attributed to the natural aging process, and many fans feel she is being honest when she states she has not had surgery done.

In her world famous interview in AARP’s magazine she denies surgery has been used on her looks, however shortly after the interview made headlines a famous celebrity plastic surgeon remarked that she was apparently “forgetting” that she had a rhinoplasty, or a nose job. Whether this was simply a tongue-in-cheek opinion based on his review of pictures or whether he had more detailed information regarding Diane’s medical care is unclear.

Upon reviewing older and more recent pictures of Diane’s nose, there does appear to be some minor changes, her nose appears smoother and slightly narrower, as well as more symmetrically formed, however it is not decisive. If Diane did choose to use a nose job to make the changes to the appearance of her nose, she certainly picked a talented plastic surgeon and the results have been very well done. The conclusion is that it is impossible to tell if Diane has had any facial surgery at this point.

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