Dennis Avner Plastic Surgery Disaster

Dennis Avner Plastic Surgery

Dennis Avner is widely known for his plastic surgery because he wanted to be a living totem pole. Being a Lakota Indian and Huron and he was proud of his heritage. He had decided that he would be a living marker for Huron heritage as well.  Huron in ancient times altered their bodies to resemble their totems.

Dennis was known as the “The Stalking Cat” and his operations totaled 14 in his exploit to look like a female tiger. Stalking Cat was given to him as a child in his tribe by the medicine man. He gave numerous public appearances and was known in the tabloids and on Ripley’s Believe it or Not where he gained notoriety for his long term decision to be a living totem.

All in all he had 14 plastic surgeries and including tattoos and fingernails with fiberglass over them to make them stronger which also resembled claws.

Dennis had serious tattooing including facial tattoos and facial sub-dermal implants to shape his brow, forehead and the top of his nose. He had a septum relocation to flatten his nose. Silicone injections included cheeks, chin and his lips and various other places in the facial area.

Dennis had his upper lip split which is called Bifurcating and his teeth were filed and capped. Surgeons made his ears more cat-like by shaping them to a point and his earlobes were lengthened as well. He had his upper lip pierced for the effect of whiskers.

Dennis topped his look off with green contacts and a robotic tail for completion. This was an all out venture for Dennis Avner and he reached his goal. Dennis passed away on November 12, 2012 and he had not reached his goal for ears on the top of his head but you could say he did reach it because he was known as the living cat. He will be missed by many who loved him.

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