Demi Moore Facelift Before & After

Anyone who saw the movie Ghost knows exactly who Demi Moore is and how beautiful she is. These days, however, she is still the focus of rapt media attention, but for entirely different reasons. Apart from her recent divorce with Ashton Kutcher, the paparazzi is also interested in whether or not she really had plastic surgery done.

The Demi Moore facelift rumors are spreading like wildfire mainly of the drastic changes people see on the veteran actress. In her recent photos, it appears that most of Demi’s wrinkles, especially her crow’s feet and frown lines. Her neck also looks tighter and less wrinkled even after she lost so much weight right after the separation from Kutcher and during the divorce proceedings.

Demi Moore Facelift

Demi Moore Facelift Before & After

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Pictures

Several photos of Demi from the late 80s till the mid 90s also suggest that she had work done on her nose, chin, and quite possibly her breasts. Her chest has significantly increased over the years, even though she was incredibly thin for the most part of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher. Many have speculated that her facelift as well as other cosmetic procedures was Demi’s attempt at recapturing her youth and staying desirable not only to her fans but also her very young husband.

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

There is no argument that Moore is still one of the most beautiful actresses today, and she can definite hold her own against younger women in Hollywood at any given day. However, people are still concerned that she is beginning to unravel and that she will one day regret having done so many procedures. As is the case with some A list celebrities who got hooked to surgery, Moore may very well be on her way. However, she maintains that she does not need plastic surgery in order to look great and that she can age gracefully.

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