Debby Boone Facelift Before & After

Debby Boone is best known for the song You Light Up My Life, which became the official soundtrack of the movie by the same title. These days, however, she is known as an endorser for various products as well as services, not the least of which is “mini facelift”. This is why it comes as no surprise that stories about Debby Boone facelift circulated on the internet as well as a number of entertainment magazines. There has been a lot of controversy about Lifestyle Lift, which is the company that offers so-called mini facelifts, which are performed under local anesthesia. It is unclear whether the work Debby has done is exactly what Lifestyle Lift offers, or if she had a completely different procedure for best results.

Debby Boone Facelift

Debby Boone Facelift Before & After

While the subject has something to do with Boone’s plastic surgery, many people are more concerned with the claims made by Lifestyle Lift as well as the complaints lodged against this company by unsatisfied clients. While the results of Boone’s face lift are certainly remarkable, there are hundreds, if not thousands of unhappy customers who said that not only did the procedure not work for them but it also caused unwanted side effects. As the designated spokesperson for the service and the company, the veteran actress and songstress was pelted with a lot of criticism.

It is not at all uncommon for celebrities to endorse skin care products or procedures, but in certain instances such as this, the fallout can be quite disastrous for the chosen endorsers. As it stands, people are warned against skincare procedures that require invasive techniques, especially when the promised results seem too good to be true. As for Debby Boone, it seems that she benefited a lot from being an endorser for this type of facelift as she is once again visible (and relevant) in the Hollywood scene.

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  1. Dosher - June 2, 2018, 10:03 pm Reply

    These are two photos from the same event, probably taken seconds apart being presented as before and after photos. The surgeon would have to work in a flash, and the recovery time was very impressive, but honestly, I can’t say there’s any difference! ????

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