David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before & After

David Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before & After

It’s hard to imagine that it was David Cassidy made his debut all the way back in 1969 and the turbulent ups and down that followed.  The now 63-year-old moved to Hollywood after being discovered in a failed Broadway musical and within a year was cast alongside his real step-mom Shirley Jones as her son Keith in ‘The Partridge Family’.

Aside from the popular television series, Cassidy became known for his musical talent, becoming a pop icon and helping the cast to release multiple albums with units sold north of a million per record.  The path to fame the long-haired dreamboat of yesteryear as a teen idol skyrocketed him to sold out tours and the bedroom walls of lusting teenagers across the world.

Cassidy struggled since growing out of his megastar youth looks and the pressures of fame afterward, both professionally and with drinking.  In 2010 he was arrested in Florida on DUI and again this past August in New York state.  He’s also struggled with plastic surgery rumors, keeping this turbulent-living former child-star in the news among gossip sites.

Cassidy, who is often linked to Danny Bonaduce for being the most memorable of the Partridge family and who’s career Zack Efron has been compared to, looks to have major work done to his face to keep him looking young and fresh.   It is obvious when studying photographs that he has had botox injections to soften his skin tone and wrinkles and if you look at his cheekbones, you can notice that there has been work at defining the structure to make them pop more.  His cheeks are certainly looking fuller than by scanning through old photographs, more than someone typically of his age.

While his last notable appearance in the media was a first-elimination on Season 11 of Donald Trump’s ‘Apprentice’, the talented singer still tours.

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