Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Before & After

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Before & After

You may know Nurse Colleen McMurphy from the critically-acclaimed but short-lived ‘China Beach’ of the late eighties or as Katherine McPhair from ABC’s hit-drama that ended recently ‘Desperate Housewives’, but Dana Delany, the actress who plays those roles, is known for many more things as well.  The stunning 57-year-old red-headed vixen has also been a regular in movies, on the stage is an arts activist at well.  She is considered one of the sweethearts of Hollywood, and as many women of her age competing with women much younger for roles and attention, has garnered quite a bit of attention herself for the plastic surgery she is thought to have had done.

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery

Delany, who got her start in the industry in the late seventies and has been romantically linked to Don Henley, John Kerry, James Woods and Dave  Holmes, has been battling cosmetic surgery rumors for years now. The actress even had admitted to a botched botox incident that left her with a droopy eye.  She had gone in for treatment to her forehead and instead the needle hit a nerve, leaving her with a  haematoma that left it dead.

“Doctors are human – they make mistakes. But I never went back, especially after he wouldn’t own up,” She told Prevention Magazine in 2010.

Delany is a bit of a hero of her own in the comic-book world as well.  She has voiced Lois Lane in the animated Batman and DC Animated Universe.  She was recently on Huffington Post Live to talk about her career.

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