Courtney Cox Boob Job (Breast Implants) Before & After

This alumnae of the hit TV show Friends has found great success years after the popular sitcom was over. Courtney Cox, like her friend and former co-star Jennifer Aniston, however, has not completely escaped the sting of Hollywood gossip. The Courtney Cox boob job rumors have circulated for many months and have yet to be confirmed with finality as the TV star has not made any statements about it.

Courteney Cox Breast Implants

Courtney Cox Boob Job Before & After

In recent photos of Courtney, who recently got divorced from her husband David Arquette, it can be seen that her breasts are noticeably fuller and her cleavage quite deeper.

Apart from her increased breast size, people are also wondering whether the Friends star had work done on her face since her cheeks are not as hollow as they once were.

In recent interviews, she did mention getting Botox on her face, but decided against getting more after the first round wore off. Her decision was due to the fact that she was not able to move much of her face, which apparently was not acceptable given her occupation as a professional actress.

Courtney Cox Boob Job

Cox also mentioned that as she ages, she has gained some weight, albeit only in certain parts of her body i.e. chest, bottom, and legs. It is somewhat plausible since she was always on the thin side over the course of 10 years on Friends.

Even by Hollywood standards, Cox is a real beauty. In fact, her stunning looks are one of the reasons why she became very popular during the years Friends was on air. Granted, Aniston got a lot of movie offers due to her natural sweetheart demeanor, but Cox’s beauty and grace were never overlooked, especially by her millions of fans all over the world. At 49, she remains a paragon of beauty that very few actresses, even those half her age can only hope to live up to.

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