Courteney Cox Has Undegone Several Plastic Surgery Procedures

Courteney Cox  Plastic Surgery

Some celebs will openly confess that they enhanced their physical assets with a little surgical help, while others deny it vehemently. A recent rumor doing the rounds is that the ‘Friends’ star, Courteney Cox has joined the celeb bandwagon who believe in altering their face to retain their youthful look. It has been reported that the star appeared on the sets of ‘Hello, I Must Be Going’ looking rather puffy and unrecognizable, making the new look rather dramatic. So, are the claims of Courteney Cox plastic surgery true?

Even at the age of 50, Courteney looks rather young and beautiful. Recent speculations that Courteney has undergone surgical treatments have been fired from the vivid changes in her appearance, making it quite evident that the star uses Botox injections to smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and lips. In fact, the media have also often speculated that for a 50 year old woman, Courteney has the perfect perky breasts, an indication that she could have resorted to breast augmentation surgery.

Courteney Cox Breast Implants

However, both Courteney and Dr. Young, her alleged plastic surgeon, have vehemently denied these allegations, stating that her exceptional genes and her healthy lifestyle are the secret behind her youthful appearance. But, if you were to compare the pictures of the ‘Friends’ star from a decade ago to her look now, it becomes rather evident that she has gone under the knife. Do not believe us? Take a look here to see before and after pictures of the famous star that will tell you all there is to know about Courteney Cox  surgery!

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Picture

Post all the speculations and rumors, Courteney confessed that she has had plastic surgery, albeit sparingly, to retain her youthful beauty. While she denies any intrusion facial reconstruction treatments, she claims she has used Botox injections and facial fillers for plumper lips and fuller looking cheeks. This confession was appreciated by both the media and her fans, as they can sympathize with her fear of aging, that celebrities fear most. But if she does not believe in excessive surgery treatments, how does she explain her unflattering photograph that shows facial puffiness and uneven complexion, clearly a sign of a cosmetic surgical treatment gone awry? This is how she appeared on the sets of ‘Hello I Must be Going’ suggesting that the Cougar Town star may have gone a tad too far.
Courteney Cox Lip Surgery

Courteney Cox  Plastic Surgery Before After

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