Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before & After

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

Christina Aguilera has been open and honest about her distaste for the gym. When asked, she admitted that her family was her first priority and that she often failed to take the time to work out at the end of her day. This statement does not mesh with her new lithe figure. The former Mouseketeer has been the center of speculation before when fans noticed her nose had remarkably become slimmer and more contoured. Christina has denied any plastic surgery and has often encouraged women to embrace their natural beauty.

However, when demonstrating her new figure on “The Voice”, the host left some fans feeling betrayed. Appearing to have lost approximately sixty pound, Christina was at the top of her game, flaunting a lovely, svelte shape. Fans and doctors suspect that the lovely star may have resorted to less than natural methods to shape her new figure. While doctors agree that is quite possible that Christina lost excess weight without the assistance of surgical methods, much gossip has been heard about the appearance of her cleavage.

Christina Aguilera Boob Job

Christina Aguilera Boob Job Before After

Christina’s breasts have been the center of attention previously when the entertainment media suspected her ample chest was the result of breast augmentation. However, when displaying her new body, veteran plastic surgeons could not help but notice that her breasts appeared smaller with none of the apparent effects of gravity that often follow significant weight gains. Many fans and surgeons imply that Christina used a procedure known as a breast lift to return her cleavage to a more rounded, lifted appearance. Breast lifts are often used following childbirth or weight loss to counteract the effects of loss of elasticity in the breast tissues. Fans agree Christina’s new body is something to be proud of, however many also believe honesty is the best policy.

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