Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Story

Christie Brinkley is one celebrity who actually looks better than she did when she was younger. The former model and ex-wife of singer Billy Joel, has always denounced plastic surgery. But, the Sports Illustrated cover girl has changed her mind. She always claimed that her vegetarian diet and active lifestyle are the reason she looks the same as she did 30 years ago.

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before & After

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before & After

On February 2, 2014 Christie Brinkley turned the big 6-0. Surprisingly she could pass for a young woman in her 40s – maybe even 30s with her toned body and long blond hair. Her youthful appearance has given all women hope that they could stop the clock when it comes to getting older. But after saying she would never have plastic surgery, she has changed her mind after turning 60. She now claims she would never say never to going under the knife.

Many people believe that the Uptown Girl already has had a little nip and tuck done. A plastic surgeon, who has not done work on Brinkley, has given his thoughts on her current look.  Dr. Anthony Youn told an online site,, that he believes that she has had some laser treatments applied to her skin making it flawless. Chemical peels will also give the same results. He also thinks she may have had her upper eyelids lifted and a little Botox injected into her super smooth forehead.

As for her impeccable body, Brinkley used to appear in the infomercials with martial arts expert and actor Chuck Norris. The two would show the benefits of working out on the Total Gym. Norris is in great shape for a man who is 74 years old, and Brinkley made the perfect match as a female of 60 who could still grace the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

Many people have tried to tie in Brinkley’s plastic surgery with procedures that her daughter Alexa had done. Alexa, whose father is Billy Joel, did acknowledge that she had a nose job but it was because she was having problems breathing. Many people have noticed a big difference in her appearance but Alexa has addressed the comments head on stating that she is also about 10-15 years older than the last pictures of her. Many of those shots were taken when she was just a teenager. Alexa Ray is now 28 years old and a professional singer.

Brinkley states that she was in the hospital in New York to support her daughter but many think that is when she slipped under the radar and went under the knife. The main thing here is if she did have plastic surgery at least she did it right. Surgical procedures should enhance your looks and just make you a better version of yourself. Some celebrities mistakenly think more is better and after several procedures they don’t even look like themselves anymore. If Christie Brinkley did have surgery and can look that good at 60 years of age, who can blame her?

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  2. SWisdomMia - May 29, 2018, 8:49 am Reply

    Plastic Surgery is such an ordinary thing at this time. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look beautiful, as long as you feel comfortable going under the knife. To each his own :) For me, I don’t mind looking 40 when I’m actually 60, if I have the means to do it, I’ll grab the chance.

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