Celebrity Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Plastic surgery nightmares happen to celebrities a lot more often than to non-Hollywood people. Below are 3 of the most horrible plastic surgery tragedies that happened in Tinseltown.

Mickey Rourke

Facelift is very common among aging celebrities, but veteran actor Mickey Rourke apparently did not get the bulletin about when to stop. His face used to be the epitome of bad boy Hollywood beauty, so it is very hard to comprehend how he ended up looking like this. His facial skin looks overly stretched, which gives him a rather scary and ridiculous facial expression.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Donatella Versace

Many people know Donatella for being the heir to the Versace fashion empire after her brother was killed. However, she is also famous for being a little bit too stand-offish and even more so for her surgery addiction. She has had multiple facial surgeries over the past couple of decades that she is now almost unrecognizable. It is remarkable how much her eyes, cheeks, and mouth changed and how artificial she now looks.

It is such as shame because she had classic European features before she started getting into unnecessary procedures that only made her face look much older.

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Wealthy socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein is perhaps one of the most compelling cautionary tales when it comes to botched and or excessive cosmetic procedures. This lady has reportedly spent over 4 million dollars for dozens of surgical procedures on her face as well as other areas. As a result, she is now often referred to as Cat Woman due to her feline-looking features.

Jocelyn Wildenstein Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Celebrity plastic surgery nightmares do not only occur due to medical mistakes. Sometimes they also happen because people are not aware when to stop making changes in their bodies.

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