Top 3 Fantastic Celebrity Boob Jobs

Often, the subject of breast augmentation is met with skepticism and sometimes even criticism from those who believe women should never have to go under the knife in order to look better. However, this type of cosmetic procedure is among the most common in Hollywood since female actresses as well as musicians are under a lot of pressure to look their best.

Here are the top 3 fantastic celebrity boob jobs in recent history:

Kate Hudson

Unlike her equally famous mother, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson was not blessed with a pair of large breasts. In fact, for most of her career, she was known for having a flat chest. This did not change even after she had her first child in 2004. After years of mulling about it, Kate Hudson finally took the plunge and underwent breast augmentation soon after she turned 31. Granted, the transformation was not as blatant as with other A list celebrities, but Kate really went up a couple of cup sizes.

Kate Hudson Boob Job

Victoria Beckham

Everything about Victoria Beckham (nee Adams) has always been posh, except perhaps her breasts. She changed this by getting breast implants, which went really well with her lithe figure. While it is quite obvious that she is sporting implants, she always makes it a point to carry herself fashionably and with a lot of pride. Posh Spice has always been a Fashionista and this helped her make the implants work every time she steps out in public.

Victoria Beckham Boob Job

Jenny McCarthy

This blonde bombshell didn’t always have bountiful breasts, at least not until she got implants in order to complete the Playboy-worthy look that catapulted her career into great success. Over the years, she also underwent several other procedures to enhance her already fantastic looks.

Jenny McCarthy Boob Job

These are some of the very few celebrity boob jobs that actually turned out good and provided excellent effects on the ladies’ overall looks.

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