Nose Job

Kelly Rowland Nose Job Before & After

Kelly Rowland is a recording artist and is most well known as one of the founding members of the all girl’s singing group Destiny’s Child. She has been very forthcoming regarding a breast augmentation she had in the past. Kelly believes that since more and more people are considering plastic surgery, she feels that it is important to educate them on the necessity of getting the procedu... »

Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery Before & After

Becky Conner is synonymous with the popular 90′s sitcom Roseanne, played by for years by Canadian Sarah Chalke. The Canadian who went on to star with Zach Braff in ‘Scrubs’ has also become attached to plastic surgery rumors. The Ottawa, Ontario born actress who starred in CBS’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ending after this season, looks to have plastic surgery on h... »

Marilyn Monroe Nose Job Before & After

Marilyn Monroe is a legendary movie star from the Golden Age of cinema. The sexy actress is known for her fun, sensual persona and a gorgeous smile that hid her inner turmoil oh so well. She has remained famous decades after her career-making leading lady roles. In fact, she is an icon of fashion, style, glamor, and charisma even today. Chanel No. 5 even featured Marilyn Monroe’s voice and b... »

Angelina Jolie Nose Job Before & After

Angelina Jolie is an A-list movie star that commands admiration and attention everywhere she goes, whether it’s shopping with her kids or on the red carpet. With Brad Pitt often at her side, they are a power couple that can’t be denied. It’s clear to see that Angelina Jolie is a beauty, but she has had a little help along the way to attaining her perfect look. Rumor has it that t... »

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Before & After

While Kerry Washington has not publicly confirmed or denied whether she has had plastic surgery, many fans and experts believe that she has. The star of the film For Colored Girls does look subtly different than she did in her earlier roles, such as the sister of Derek in the movie Save the Last Dance. While some fans feel that her surgery makes her look “plastic,” most think that any ... »

Megan Fox Nose Job Before & After

Megan Fox is an obvious knockout with her looks. Many people wonder though, if Megan is a natural beauty or not. Her acting debut came when she was just 15 years old in the 2001 movie “Holiday in the Sun.” It wasn’t until she became the female lead in the 2007 movie “Transformers,” when people really began to start noticing this beautiful actress. When comparing photo... »

Zac Efron Nose Job Before & After

Has Zac Efron, the dreamy star of the High School Musical movies, had work done? According to numerous reports, the answer is a definite “yes.” While he’s never admitted it publicly, many people are convinced that the musical heartthrob underwent a nose job procedure several years ago. The alleged procedure took place sometime after filming of High School Musical 2 wrapped but be... »

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before & After

Sandra Bullock has become one of the highest paid actresses in the world based on her girl next door appeal and natural beauty. Sandra has denied all rumors of plastic surgery, but early on in her career her fan base noticed obvious changes in her nose, so drastic that the change could only be attributed to a nose job (Rhinoplasty). Sandra’s nose became noticeably thinner and more shapely wi... »

Kerry Washington Nose Job Before & After

Did Kerry Washington really have a nose job? Public cannot help to wonder whether or not Kerry Washington go under the knife to enhance her appearance. They may stop wondering as there is a lot of evidence to show that this female actress has done several kinds of plastic surgery including nose job. The issue of Kerry Washington nose job is rolling to public as people recognize some differences on... »

Katie Holmes Nose Job Before & After

Katie Holmes nose job is apparently undeniable. The American actress whose name was rocketing due to her role as Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek is claimed to go under the knife to reshape her nose. It sounds more than a rumor as there are plenty of evidences to convince that Katie Holmes nose job is true. Firstly, let’s judge her by the before and after photos. Katie used to have wide and big nose ... »

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