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Morena Baccarin Plastic Surgery Rumors – Are They True?

Many have their doubts when Morena Baccarin plastic surgery rumors shock Hollywood. The Homeland actress has received critical acclaim not only for her acting but also for her looks, which are nothing short of stunning. This Brazilian-American beauty, however, has been plagued with accusations of having her nose done for a while now and she has yet to confirm whether it’s true or not. Based ... »

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery – The Bad and the Good

Jennifer Grey is an American actress born on 26 March, 1960 in the city of New York. The celebrity is not only famous for her role as “Baby” in the film Dirty Dancing. She is also famous for her cosmetic surgery stunts that cost her rise to epic stardom. Grey had her first surgery in the early 90s. It was a nose job, otherwise, known as a Rhinoplasty. The actress had felt that she needs to make a ... »

Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Before & After

Bristol Palin has found herself in the public and media spotlight after her recent photos showing a complete facial transformation were posted on the internet. Her past photos showed a rounder face, but the current pictures revealed an angular and slimmer face indicating possibilities of plastic surgery. She has come out strongly to deny these allegations, saying her facial transformation is like ... »

Sandra Bullock Nose Job Before & After

The question lingering about Sandra Bullock is has she had plastic surgery? Well the opinions leap and bound over this because she recently broke up with Ryan Gosling and her nose is significantly smaller in pictures of late. In a 1999 People Magazine interview Sandra spoke candidly dispelling rumors that she had plastic surgery done on her nose. The Fact is though, this was years ago and of late ... »

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before & After

Christina Ricci was all our favorites as Wednesday in The Adams Family but time flies because that ten year old is now 33 and she has had a few things done since that time. One of them is plastic surgery and she admits to one procedure which is obvious and that is her nose. In older pictures you can see she has a much plumper nose, but as of now it is slim and contoured and it almost makes her loo... »

Vanessa Marcil Plastic Surgery Before & After

Vanessa Marcil was born the daughter of a self-made millionaire and seemed to have everything going for her. She successfully landed a recurring role in General Hospital in 1992. She joined the cast of Beverly Hills: 90210, a cult classic, as the lovely Gina Kincaid. She briefly married heartthrob Corey Feldman and was the envy of many young girls. Even as successful as she seemed, Vanessa has bat... »

Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kyle Richards has been acting since the seventies, however most fans know her for her extravagant and extraordinary personality on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle began her career in shows such as Little House on the Prairie and is no stranger to wealth and glamour. After all, she is the aunt of wealthy tartlet Paris Hilton, however Kyle has done something very few celebrities care to d... »

Michelle Pfeiffer Nose Job Before & After

Michelle Pfeiffer first gained notoriety on our screens for her role in Scarface; back then just a fresh faced Hollywood hopeful looking to pave her way to success. Since then the actress has won various accolades and awards. With time eventually catching up with all of us, Pfeiffer who is now 55 has certainly managed to avoid the aging process more than most. Michelle has always been noted for he... »

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Before & After

The beautiful English dame has appeared in a great number of blockbusters and is famous for her swashbuckling antics in The Pirates Of The Caribbean films. Ms Knightley has repeatedly been voted as one of the sexiest women in the world; with all of these accolades one would believe that Kiera would be happy within herself? Or maybe the pressures of stardom have made the actress insecure? Either wa... »

Ryan Gosling Nose Job Before & After

Did the sexy star of The Notebook, Drive, and Crazy Stupid Love have plastic surgery to change the appearance of his nose? Although he’s never commented on it publicly, fashion blogger Michelle Villett of the site recently made the case that the Hollywood heartthrob went under the knife at some point early in his career. Her detailed accusatory write-up, which includes severa... »

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