Boob Job

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Pamela Anderson was one of the first celebs whose rise of fame could be accredited to plastic surgery, as her numerous breast implants made her the hottest selling star during her “Baywatch” days. Her over sized breasts got her immediate public attention and started with her February 1990 Playboy photo-stint. Over the years, the model turned actress has confessed to several further breast implants... »

Kourtney Kardashian Plastic Surgery – A Nose Job & Breast Implants

Talking about the Kardashian’s family plastic surgery seems never to end. Kourtney Kardashian, recently openly said that she had a nose job and got breast augmentation. When the word of her cosmetic surgery was confirmed, it seemed just like another day in the world of reality TV. Well, we obviously can say that Kourtney, born on 18th April 1979, is more open to talking about her surgery more than... »

Toni Braxton Plastic Surgery Before & After

Toni Braxton is an award winning the songbird with famous songs such as Un-break My Heart and Breathe again. Toni Braxton had a successful music career until 2013 when she decided to retire as a recording artist. This left many of her fans disappointed; even though she is no longer in the music industry her songs still hit the airwaves. Fans and critics alike have always had speculations Toni has ... »

Dannii Minogue Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Like it or not, plastic surgery is trending, more and more people are going under the knife. It is currently one of the most common things in the world today, especially among middle aged women. There are few people who choose to remain vague about the fact that they’ve been under the knife and choose to keep the public playing the guessing game. “It’s no one’s business anyway”, they snap. For the... »

Did Leah Miller Have Plastic Surgery?

Leah Miller is only 33 years old and already fans are noticing some peculiar changes taking place. However, there is no actual proof that this popular Canadian television personality decided to go to the extremes of a knife and needle, but recent pictures suggest she might be suffering from the fear of getting older. It’s no secret that reaching the thirty mark can be a rather emotional time... »

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before & After

Former MTV Teen Mom Star “Farrah Abraham” has been in the news a lot lately mostly due to the release of the “leaked” sex tape that she filmed with adult movie star James Deen in 2013. Since the release of the tape, her popularity has risen, and she has been featured in a lot of celebrity magazines, gone on talk shows, promoted clubs, and has even been invited to award show... »

Kelly Rowland Breast Implants Before & After

Kelly Rowland, the former Destiny’s Child singer, has realized the dream of many small breasted women. She now has larger girls and that wonder of womanhood, cleavage. Rowland is adamant that the breast implants were for her own enjoyment and no one else’s. As any small chested woman can tell you, it’s no fun to put on a dress just to realize that you look like a table stood up o... »

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before & After

Most women would quickly agree that they would do anything to stay young looking. This is why beauty products are big sellers. Yet, when we hear that celebrities such as Hilary Duff may have had plastic surgery to keep their youthful image we grin and shake our heads. Do we do that because we actually are against the acts of plastic surgery or do we do that because we would be fighting the aging p... »

Alyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Alyson Hannigan, born March 24th, 1974 is very well known as Willow Rosenberg in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and Lily Aldrin in ‘How I met your mother’. She seems to have joined the ranks of women who sought help from a plastic surgeon as she doesn’t appear to be 39 years old. Is it possible that a 39 year old has no facial wrinkles? Unlikely, yet Hannigan’s face is perfectly smooth. Are a fe... »

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery Before & After

Is Julie Benz going for plastic surgery? Well she sure looks great so far if she is and her doctor should be applauded. It could be the result of happy living or not being in the sun as much or good moisturizers but in Hollywood we doubt it. Face fillers are the way of the world in Hollywood in fact they are recommended to keep the youth flowing as the actor or actress ages. But the question is ho... »

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