Boob Job

Sara Jean Underwood Boob Job Before & After

Model and actress Sara Jean Underwood is perhaps best known for being chosen as Playboy Playmate of the year in 2007. While she has done a fair amount of acting on TV and movies, her fan base is still made up mostly of people who knew her as a pin-up girl. »

Did Lindsay Lohan Really Have a Boob Job?

Former child star and now embattled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has had her share of scandal over the past five years or so, not the least of which is a tumultuous history with alcoholism and drug use. Before her downward spiral, however, she received a lot of media attention due to rumors of her undergoing breast augmentation surgery. »

Alyson Hannigan Boob Job (Breast Implants) Before & After

Alyson Hannigan rose to fame when she landed a coveted role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as Willow Rosenberg. These days, she is popularly known as Lily Eriksen (nee Aldrin) on the recently concluded hit show How I Met Your Mother. While she is not as controversial as other Hollywood actresses, she has her share of experience with intrigue, not the least of which are rumors about Alyson Hannigan b... »

Alyssa Milano Boob Job (Breast Implants) Before & After

Alyssa Milano boob job rumors have been around for more than a decade now, since they first started in the early years of Charmed. Best known as a mainstay in Who’s the Boss TV series, Alyssa shocked fans when she reinvented herself as the ass-kicking witch Phoebe Halliwell. What’s more is that she appears to have grown a lot, especially in terms of breast cup size. »

Megan Fox Boob Job Rumors – Did She Really Have “Them” Done?

Anyone who is familiar with the Transformers movie franchise would certainly be familiar with Megan Fox. It seems, however, that Megan owes her fantastic body and beautiful face to the good doctors that performed her plastic surgeries. Megan Fox boob job rumors started after recent photos of her in a bikini (these were taken a year or so before she became pregnant with her first child), were compa... »

Maci Bookout Boob Job (Breast Implants) Before & After

It seems that Teen Moms are all the rage these days and those who have been lucky enough to get featured on the show of the same name (Teen Mom) and its popular predecessor 16 and Pregnant, are capitalizing on the air time they were given. Maci Bookout is one of the girls featured on the show and much like Farrah Abraham, she is in the center of a gossip maelstrom. »

Jenna Jameson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Jenna Jameson has become a household name in the mid to late 90s as she is touted as the Queen of Porn, having done hundreds of adult films, many of which are hits. These days, Jameson still has her share of the spotlight, albeit for slightly different reasons. »

Paris Hilton Boob Job (Breast Implants) Before & After

Perhaps everyone in the continental US as well as most other parts of the world (anywhere there is cable and internet connection) knows who Paris Hilton is and how she lives her life. Apart from being a socialite and reality star, Hilton is also known for being a bit superficial, for which she is often criticized. As a very popular figure in Hollywood as well as in the social media, Paris Hilton&#... »

Selena Gomez Boob Job (Breast Implants) Before & After

Young celebrities, these days have access to pretty much everything good that life has to offer. Unfortunately, it also means they can make bad decisions because of such unchecked freedom. Fans of singer-actress Selena Gomez are wondering if this is the case for the popular Disney Channel darling. Rumors about the Selena Gomez boob job are spreading like wildfire as photos of the young actress cla... »

Top 3 Fantastic Celebrity Boob Jobs

Often, the subject of breast augmentation is met with skepticism and sometimes even criticism from those who believe women should never have to go under the knife in order to look better. However, this type of cosmetic procedure is among the most common in Hollywood since female actresses as well as musicians are under a lot of pressure to look their best. Here are the top 3 fantastic celebrity bo... »

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