Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before & After

Carrot Top could be included in the top list of bad male plastic surgery along with Bruce Jenner, Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson, Axl Rose, Steven Tyler and many more.

Scott Thompson or better known as Carrot Top is a comedian who becomes popular with his over-the-top appearance than his comedy. It has been reported that he decided to have gone under the surgeon knife in order to transform his face to look funnier than before.

One of the most obvious surgeries is Botox, as his face appears frozen and awkward; it indicates that he has had excessive Botox injected into his face. In addition to Botox injection, it seems he also has a Browlift, as the indication his eyebrows appear more arched in some photos.

Dr. Anthony Youn seems to agree with our speculation, on his blog he explained that Carrot Top seems to have undergone excessive Botox and a brow lift, as his eyebrows look excessively arched.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

Moreover, we can also notice that his skin appears unusually smooth, which make us speculate that he likely have laser treatment such as Fraxel and chemical peels. In addition, Top’s facial skin also appears less of freckled like the rest of his toned body.

Well, plastic surgery could be not his best choice, as Top’s recent appearance looks odd and more feminine.

What do you think? Does he look better after surgery? Please feel free to speak your mind….

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