Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before & After

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery

Carol Burnett is a famous comedian, actress, singer, and dancer who was born on April 26, 1933 in San Antonio, Texas. Carol is 80 years old, but she does not look her age because of her plastic surgery that she has had, as many other celebrities have done to look years younger. Carol shared information about her surgery many years ago with the public. She said the first surgery was paid for by a Hollywood actor and she has paid for the others herself. She said by doing this, it made her dream come true about her appearance.

Carol Burnett had felt that her appearance was less than good since she was a child. Because of her feeling this way, she said that she never dreamed of becoming a comedian or an actress. Carol says she always wanted to have a fuller chin, and if you look at Carol today, you can definitely tell that she has had some chin implants done over the years.

Besides having chin implants, Carol has most likely had some collagen and Restylane injections, as well as having a facelift done. For someone that is 80 years old, her face is very tight and completely wrinkle-free, which is definitely because of having the injections done on her face.

Carol says she could have gone farther to reach maximum results but she decided to leave her face as it was. Carol has stated that she is not going to go under the knife for any type of surgery again because she says that “even plastic surgery is not going to give you a youthful appearance forever.”

Carol is still active today in Hollywood, but has slowed down a lot. She now seems to be doing more guest appearances on television shows more than anything else.

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