Top 3 Butt Implants Gone Bad

Butt implants gone bad is not exactly a complete shock, especially in Hollywood. However, there are stories that are so harrowing and visually disturbing that people take a few moments to actually soak up the facts and pay attention their implications. Below are some of Hollywood’s butt implant surgeries gone awry.

Karissa Shannon Butt Implants

Karissa Shannon

As one half of the dynamic duo Playboy Playmate Twins, Karissa has made quite an impression, not only because of her face but also because of her inflated buttocks. As part of her image as a Playboy Bunny, she decided to get implants on her buttocks in an attempt to look sexier and more desirable. Unfortunately, the results are not quite what she expected. While her behind is certainly larger, her proportions are quite off. She had a nice enough looking butt before, but now it is simply too large.

Heidi Montag Butt Implants

Heidi Montag

This reality TV star broke through mainstream Hollywood as one of the stars of The Hills, but she made more headlines as the recipient of multiple plastic surgeries. Her most notable procedure is perhaps the butt implants that seem to have gone really wrong. Apart from the sheer size of the implants, which make her look bottom-heavy rather than sexy. In recent interviews for magazines, Montag expressed her regret about getting so many cosmetic procedures.

Serena Williams Butt Implants

Serena Williams

Not a lot of professional athletes would consider plastic surgery, especially considering the possibility of less than ideal results. Serena Williams took a very big risk when she decided to get implants for her buttocks, and it appears she is paying for it dearly now. While her tennis career is as successful as it was before the implants, her looks have suffered greatly. Her bigger than average frame does not appear to in good proportion to her large buttocks, which gives her the appearance of being heavy despite her athletic body.

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