Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before & After

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before & After

To know Billy Crystal is to laugh loudly and often! Fans of the beloved comedian have followed his career since he first rose to fame on the hit show of the 1970s, “Soap.” He really became a household name with career-defining performances in movies like “When Harry Met Sally” and “City Slickers.” Since there is considerably less pressure on male stars and those who are in comedy, it left many perplexed when he appeared in public after allegedly having plastic surgery.

There’s no denying that the sometimes Oscar host is hilarious and talented, and he also is known for being a handsome leading man. He is soon to be 66, though, it is perplexing that his forehead remains relative free of the lines that come to most much earlier in life. Also, if one compares photographs of his face in recent years to how it looked in 2001, he actually looks younger and different these days.

Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery

Since Billy Crystal appeared at the Academy Awards in 2012, rumors have swirled that he has gone under the knife to alter his appearance and chase that Hollywood ideal of eternal youth. His lips, eyes, and cheeks were noticeably puffy. His cheekbones were bigger and more prominent than they were previously, which is not really something that just happens. That was a big indicator that it wasn’t merely intense makeup artistry or other trick of the trade.

The signs seem to lead us to believe that the funny man has had plastic surgery on his cheeks and eyes at a minimum, though many point to the fact that he had not appeared to alter his neck in any way. Wouldn’t he have work done to his neck, too, if going that far? The debate is out, but it seems he has had some work done.

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