Beyonce Boob Job (Breast Implants) Before & After

The speculations about Beyonce boob job and other supposed plastic surgeries by the RnB star have circulated for many years, especially after she went on a solo career. This former Destiny’s Child member, who is considerably more successful than her two girl band mates Kelly Rowland and Tenitra Michelle Williams, is rumored to have gotten breast implants, liposuction, and rhinoplasty to improve her looks. As most people know, Tinseltown is not always so kind to natural beauties, even those who have absolutely nothing wrong with their face or body, case in point- Beyonce Knowles.

Beyonce Boob Job

Beyonce Boob Job Before & After

Over the past couple of years, Beyonce has lost a significant amount of weight yet it is patently obvious that her cup size has remained the same. Many of her fans commented that it is perfectly natural considering she has given birth and most women do maintain larger bosoms even years after being pregnant. Beyonce herself has been tight lipped about these allegations as she has never issued a formal statement confirming or refuting the rumors. Still, she is looking very good these days, especially when photographed during Red Carpet events.

Beyonce Breast Implants

Beyonce Breast Implants

Based on her recent bikini photos, appears that her stomach is much flatter, albeit with lumpy areas that suggest recent liposuction. Many have said that her foray into plastic surgery is due to the constant pressure to look great especially after having a baby. Like many Hollywood A-listers, Beyonce appears to have lost the pregnancy weight very quickly. Whether it is due to liposuction or a really good diet/exercise plan, the best people can do is speculate.

Beyonce does maintain an active lifestyle, as she is a performer and dancing rehearsals are part of her daily life. In addition, she is getting a lot of exercise courtesy of her new baby with Husband Jay Z.

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