Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery – Before & After Photos

For 84 years old, it’s difficult to say that Barbara Walters made the wrong decision in going with a couple of plastic surgery procedures to help her look much, much younger than she actually is.

Unlike a lot of Hollywood and media stars her age, Barbara Walters definitely took a different approach to plastic surgery – shooting for a much more subtle, understated, and (dare we say) classy approach.

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before & After

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before & After

Because of this, most of the Barbara Walters plastic surgery procedures have flown under the radar, even though (upon close inspection) it’s pretty much a given that she’s used at least a couple of different surgical solutions to get her right back on track.

It all started in the 80s

No, not the 80s as far as her age is concerned, but the actual decade of fishnet shirts and questionable haircuts.

Barbara Walters apparently started getting into plastic surgery in the early 80s, contemplating a nose job that would have overhauled her famous profile and instead settling for a couple of quick facelift procedures, a couple of cheek implants to support her world-famous smile, and cosmetic procedures that completely overhauled her teeth.

However, those Barbara Walters plastic procedures in the early 1980s began to spill into more procedures in the 1990s and 2000’s, and it wasn’t all that long until she was jumping on board the exact same plastic surgery train that so many other celebrities her age (as well as many of them much younger) had already decided to take advantage of…

… All aboard the Botox Express!

Today you would be hard-pressed to find even a handful of celebrities (including the most youthful of the bunch) that haven’t already had their first Botox injection – and many of them get out the toxins you on an almost monthly basis!

And while Barbara Walters plastic surgery that close together or that routinely, she has even openly admitted to moving forward with Botox procedures to help fight wrinkles and signs of aging that anyone who has reached their eighth decade of life will inevitably be walking around with.

In 2011, Barbara Walters attended the wedding of Paul McCartney and to some guests looked a little bit “wax like”. This was because she had just recently updated her Botox injection for this particular occasion, and just didn’t give enough time for the Botox to naturally relax while still holding her skin exactly where she wanted it.

She certainly isn’t the first celebrity to deal with a plastic surgery mishap or mistake, and it’s unlikely that she’ll be the last.

Most of the time she denies having any Barbara Walters plastic surgery work performed outside of the Botox, but before and after pictures tell a completely different story. If you’d like to see firsthand the kind of work that the Barbara Walters plastic surgery team has performed on her over the last four or five decades, all you have to do is take a quick peek on Google and you’ll find a bucket of different pictures to verify for yourself.

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