Ann-Margret Plastic Surgery Before & After

Ann-Margret Plastic Surgery Before After

Ann-Margret spent much of her early career being compared to Elvis Presley. Her throaty voice and deep harmonics were billed as the next big thing in female musicians, unfortunately her music career never really seemed to reach the same level of fame as Elvis, however she has enjoyed significant fame due to her acting career. Her notable role in Bye Bye Birdie and other classics has made Ann-Margret a household name. Now in her seventies, she is known for her inspiring gospel singing and her guest appearance in the Law and Order: Special Victims Unit series.

Ann-Margret remains stunningly lovely as a grandmother. Her smooth skin is something to be envious over and, unlike many older actresses; she does not display an unnatural frozen look at her features. She is expressive and warm in person and does not appear to have the artificial look that is common in people who have chosen multiple plastic surgery procedures.

Ann-Margret does not discuss cosmetic surgery procedures, however her appearance is nearly too flawless to be attributed to good genetics. Her skin appears to be practically wrinkle-free and is very tight for someone of her age. Having multiple plastic surgeons examine her photographs reveals a general agreement on the types of work she has done. Most surgeons agree she has undergone a facelift, which is why her skin is tight and smooth. Some feel she has augmented this with injection filler to give her more weight in her face and keep the skin full. Botox is generally agreed upon as a contributing factor, however with the range of expression Ann-Margret has, it is likely this is minimally and carefully executed. An Eyelift may have been used to raise the upper lid and provide a younger, more vibrant, appearance.

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