Angelina Jolie Boob Job Before & After

Angelina Jolie Boob Job

In early 2013, actress Angelina Jolie underwent a double mastectomy because she learned that she carried a rare gene which would increase her risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Jolie made a decision to reduce this risk by getting the double mastectomy, which is a surgery that removes all or some parts of both of her breasts. She made a statement after her surgery saying that the results of her reconstructive surgery could be beautiful, and she was right.

Several months after having the surgery to remove her breasts, she stepped out in a low cut black camisole and looked better than ever. Angelina made the decision to get breast implants very quickly after undergoing the mastectomy. Many people wait several months for reconstructive surgery. Angelina, however, did not want to wait that long because she wanted to get back to work as quickly as possible. It has been reported that Angelina is now regretting her decision to get breast implants that soon because she experiences back and neck pain, which makes her worried about getting an infection.

Jolie does not regret her decision to undergo a double mastectomy though. She feels confident that she made the right decision. After getting the surgery, her risk of getting breast and ovarian cancer is now down to five percent. Before the surgery, her risk of getting breast cancer was close to 90 percent and the risk of her getting ovarian cancer was around 50 percent. She is glad now that her six children do not have to worry about losing their mother to breast cancer. She has scars now, but they are very minor. Seeing recent pictures of Angelina Jolie, it is hard to notice that she had a boob job. Her ultra fit body, beautiful chest, and glowing smile shows that Angelina’s recent cancer scare did not get the best of her.

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