Andrea Mitchell Facelift Before & After

Andrea Mitchell made a name for herself as a veteran NBC commentator and journalist. In addition, she is also married to Alan Greenspan, who served as Federal Reserve Chairman under four different administrations. However, Mitchell made a lot of headlines for more scandalous reasons, not the least of which is rumors of her getting plastic surgery.

The Andrea Mitchell facelift story has been on page 6 as well as other gossip magazines or tabloids in the country and it has been confirmed (more or less) by reliable sources. While Mitchell herself never entertains, let alone answer plastic surgery inquiries directly, many have witnessed the drastic changes in her face in recent years.

Andrea Mitchell Facelift

Andrea Mitchell Facelift Before & After

At 68, Mitchell’s face is almost wrinkled-free, save for some visible lines on her forehead and some crows feet as well. For the past five years or so, it is quite obvious that she has not aged a bit, if her face is any indication. In fact, her facial skin looks even tighter now than it did about 10 years ago, which led people to assume that he had facelift surgery or, at the very least, got Botox injections to prevent muscle contraction. Either way, it does appear that the veteran journalist that she had work done in order to look younger.

Other rumors talk about other possible cosmetic procedures Mitchell underwent for the purpose of maintaining a youthful figure, i.e. liposuction, tummy tucking, and fat transfers (from her guts to her cheeks and arms to fill out gaps). It would not be surprising if she gets more work done in the future since it looks like she is not done with TV just yet. The only thing her fans are hoping for is that she does not go overboard with surgeries. After all, she was a good looking lady in her early days at NBC and aging gracefully does have its merits.

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