Amanda Bynes Boob Job Before & After

Amanda Bynes Boob Job

Amanda Bynes, popular star of the movie “What I Like About You,” admitted to having a boob job (breast augmentation) done in May of 2013. She even Tweeted racy pictures of herself post-boob job. Just about a month later, in June, she decided to have them removed citing that the implants were causing her to be uncomfortable. She had them taken out and returned to her natural A cup. The removal surgery, however, was not without complications.

A close friend of Amanda’s stated the ex-Nickelodeon star did suffer from post-surgery complications. Apparently a tube, perhaps a drainage tube, became lodged in one of her breasts and was causing her pain. However, the issue was soon resolved and she has completely recovered. This experience, however, has not deterred her from scheduling more plastic surgery procedures. She has been reported as saying that she wants to have her nose done next, as she feels “hideous” and “insecure.” She wants to shave down the bone that forms the bridge, which will give her a smoother and more refined line.

Amanda Bynes Breast Implants Removal

Amanda has called other celebrities ugly via her Twitter account, and this coupled with her obsession with plastic surgery, could be an indication of a type of psychiatric disorder called body dysmorphic disorder. Sometimes growing up in the public eye can set off this type of condition, but more often than not it is based on a type of bipolar disorder.  Many psychiatric experts say that before undergoing any other plastic surgery procedure, she should be evaluated for any underlying disorders that may be causing her erratic behavior.

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