A Brief Overview of the Pain Relieving Effects of CBD vs THC

Get Best CBD Oil For Back Pain & Chronic Pain Relief

Best CBD Oil For Pain Relief

The CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol. A constituent component found in hemp and cannabis that lacks the toxic and addictive effects associated with other components of cannabis such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Because of this, it is legal and is sold and used in many countries around the world. The organic compounds produced within the cannabis plant (called cannabinoids) have a long history of application in natural medicines. Among these cannabinoids, CBD and THC have been the most studied and widely known compounds and have especially potent analgesic effects.  

The Difference Between THC And Cannabidiol

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) have both been extolled by naturalist and conventional medicines for their extensive benefits to health and well-being, but their effects can be experienced differently.

Most importantly, THC will provide pain relief, but will accompany the relief with a psychoactive effect that is experienced differently by each individual. CBD on the other hand, provides no such psychoactive effects with its pain relief. This is the biggest difference between seeking pain relief from products taken from CBD-High strains of cannabis (sometimes called hemp) and those taken from THC-High strains called (marijuana).

The Effects of THC versus CBD in Back Pain

The Effects of THC versus CBD oil in Back Pain & Chronic Pain Relief

There have been more clinical studies performed on the efficacy of CBD as a pain relief. Anecdotal evidence is greatly divided and individual experience plays a big role if finding effective relief from specific discomforts.

Chronic Pains

CBD oil For Back Pain & Chronic Pain Relief

Chronic pain is intense pain in a specific part of the human body that gives problems to a person for a long period of time. To be exact, chronic pain is a pain that remains in the body for more than twelve weeks.

Do not make a particular cause to which such pain is attributed; there are many causes. For example, back pain, sleep problems, etc., could all be contributing factors to chronic pain. These pains are severe and limit the movements of people thus causing discomfort to the person. Chronic pain should not be forgotten since this condition can lead to physical disability in the future.

There is no technology that can measure chronic pain and diagnose the location or the reason for the pain. Therefore, the person suffering the pain has to guide the doctors. Recent studies have shown how CBD has been quite effective in curing these types of ailments.

There have been many scientific studies that observed the effects of best CBD oil for chronic & back pain has on conditions of chronic pains and discomforts. In addition to altering the perception of the pain experienced in an injury or recurring painful condition, CBD oil also has the capacity to reduce the inflammatory response that often accompanies chronic painful conditions.

One of the conditions best addressed by CBD is arthritis, characterized by swelling, inflammation and moderate to severe pains in the joints. CBD mitigates the harshness of this conditions effectively in studies and consumer reports.

CBD Oil For Regular Pains (Acute)

CBD supplementation has also been noted to reduce the regular pains and discomforts that come from strenuous work and daily life. Headaches large and small as well as the muscle and joint pains are relieved with CBD oil. CBD provides a suitable alternative to NSAIDS that can lose their efficacy as resistance is built.

Digestive and Menstrual Pains

CBD Oil For Digestive and Menstrual Pains

Taking regular CBD greatly improves the digestive system and has a balancing effect on the hormones and chemical responses of the body. Since ancient times cannabis treatments eased the discomforts of menstruation and also reduce occurrences of indigestion and the pains that can be caused.

CBD Oil For Cancers and Neuropathic Pains

THC and CBD have both been studied for their capacity to reduce neuropathic pains. These are the types of pains experienced in conditions like fibromyalgia, cancer and multiple sclerosis. As a tonic for the nervous system, both of these cannabinoids soothe and relieve these pains. THC has been found more effective in those conditions that involve muscle spasms.

CBD Oil For Stress and Mental Anguish

CBD oil has the power to relax the mind and greatly improve recovery processes. Painful conditions can often reduce the quality of sleep, reduce appetite, cause mental anguish and provoke other symptoms that stunt a full recovery. CBD oil has the capacity to balance the functions of the mind and body to allow for an improved quality of life with less reduced pains.

THC also has this mentally soothing effect in some cases. But, THC is psychoactive by definition and this can make it less than reliable for ongoing pain relief in a fast paced and demanding life style.

Benefits of Both THC and CBD

Benefits of Both THC and CBD Oil for Back Pain and Chronic Pain Relief

When seeking the most effective form of pain relief from CBD or THC it is essential to consider the great advantages of the “Entourage” effect. Cannabis contains more than 100 different cannabinoid compounds and studies have found their effects are most potent when taken altogether. This, those products that contain broad spectrum or full spectrum extracts can be counted on for a more potent pain relief.

Final Notes on CBD vs THC for Back Pain

While both THC and CBD are effective at addressing painful conditions, CBD is by far the most practical option with the widest range of benefits for relieving painful symptoms and addressing their underlying causes. THC has the singular downside of being psychoactive, which can go against the needs of some patient.

But, for the most potent and reliable pain relief for painful conditions, a product that contains natural rations of both analgesic compounds comes highly recommended


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