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Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Did Ali Lohan Have Plastic Surgery?

The L Word: Real or Not? The Lohan name is no stranger to media speculation or fodder. From the “star of the show” Lindsay, to her partying mother, Dina, to her often unruly father, Michael, it seems the L word is plastered all over the tabloids and online media sites these days. And sister Ali is no exception. The model has sported a transformation recently with her appearance. While she was always thin, she appears even trimmer in her before and after photos, in addition to sporting longer, lighter locks. Has she or has she not had some “work done?” Beyond Basic “Hair and Makeup” At the tender age of nineteen, the working model and sister of Lindsay appears to have had some breast augmenta... »

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before & After

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery – Before & After Photos

For 84 years old, it’s difficult to say that Barbara Walters made the wrong decision in going with a couple of plastic surgery procedures to help her look much, much younger than she actually is. Unlike a lot of Hollywood and media stars her age, Barbara Walters definitely took a different approach to plastic surgery – shooting for a much more subtle, understated, and (dare we say) classy approach. Because of this, most of the Barbara Walters plastic surgery procedures have flown under the radar, even though (upon close inspection) it’s pretty much a given that she’s used at least a couple of different surgical solutions to get her right back on track. It all started in the 80s No, not the 8... »

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Before & After

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Rumors

If the subject of Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery comes up, men unanimously say they don’t care and women ask for the doctor’s phone number. She has been considered one of Hollywood’s great beauties ever since she broke onto the scene with 1998’s The Mask of Zorro, and she’s rarely been out of the public eye since then. She’s married to a member of showbiz royalty, Michael Douglas, and is the mother of his two children. She has aged extremely well, and seems to get even more beautiful as the years go by. Unlike some of her co-stars and colleagues in Hollywood, Catherine Zeta Jones has been willing to answer questions about plastic surgery. She says she has never had any procedures. The ... »

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before & After

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Gone Awry

Wayne Newton has, for generations, been a talented and beloved entertainer. Nicknamed “Mr. Las Vegas” because he is a perennial favorite Las Vegas performer, Wayne Newton is known for crooning such popular tunes as “Dabje Schoen,” “Remember When,” and “Red Roses for a Blue Lady.” With a career spanning well over five decades, Wayne Newton has maintained relevancy and celebrity status by, among other things, landing cameo appearances in multiple movies such as “Oceans Eleven,” and “Vegas Vacation,” as well as television shows including “Ellen,” “Roseanne,” “Ally McBeal,” and “My W... »

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before & After

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Gone Awry

It’s never good when it’s shockingly obvious that a celebrity has decided to go through with plastic surgery. This almost always means that a plastic surgery procedure was botched somewhere along the way, resulting in unnatural features that are immediately apparent and obvious to everyone with a brain. This usually (but not always) destroys the otherwise natural beauty of a particular Hollywood starlet or hunk, and leaves people like us wondering why they would have taken the risk in the first place. That’s exactly what people are thinking about the latest Ashley Judd plastic surgery pictures. It almost looks like her face is swollen on a permanent basis Far and away one of the most beautif... »

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