Kate Middleton nose job

The Duchess of Cambridge may be a commoner, but there is nothing common about this lady, most certainly not her looks. Kate Middleton’s beauty is admired not only by her subjects, but also from millions of people all over the world. However, the media attention she is getting is also one of the reasons why […]

Judy Woodruff facelift

Even the most respected and acclaimed broadcast journalists are not immune to intrigue and speculation. Be it their politics, religion, or physical appearance, the public and the media always has something to say. Hushed, if not persistent talks of Judy Woodruff facelift have been circling like vultures around a dead carcass. Woodruff is a world […]

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery

Sharon Stone is perhaps one of the most iconic actresses ever to appear in movies. Apart from her acting prowess, she is also known for her astonishing good looks, as she is regarded as one of America’s most beautiful women. Over the years, people have debated over whether Stone has had cosmetic enhancements that improved […]

Paris Hilton boob job

Perhaps everyone in the continental US as well as most other parts of the world (anywhere there is cable and internet connection) knows who Paris Hilton is and how she lives her life. Apart from being a socialite and reality star, Hilton is also known for being a bit superficial, for which she is often […]

Debby Boone facelift

Debby Boone is best known for the song You Light Up My Life, which became the official soundtrack of the movie by the same title. These days, however, she is known as an endorser for various products as well as services, not the least of which is “mini facelift”. This is why it comes as […]

Patrick Dempsey Nose Job

Patrick Dempsey, better known by his TV moniker Dr. McDreamy, is perhaps one of the most good looking actors today, so it is natural for people to wonder whether he had the help of real-life surgeons. Stories about the Patrick Dempsey nose job has been hot around the rumor mill, especially as he gains more […]

Selena Gomez boob job

Young celebrities, these days have access to pretty much everything good that life has to offer. Unfortunately, it also means they can make bad decisions because of such unchecked freedom. Fans of singer-actress Selena Gomez are wondering if this is the case for the popular Disney Channel darling. Rumors about the Selena Gomez boob job […]

Kim Novak plastic surgery

The recent Oscars award ceremony saw the net result of many years worth of plastic surgery done on Kim Novak’s face. The 81 year old veteran actress who is best known for movies such as Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock), and Of Human Bondage attended the Academy Awards and she certainly shocked a lot of people with […]

Celebrity boob jobs

Often, the subject of breast augmentation is met with skepticism and sometimes even criticism from those who believe women should never have to go under the knife in order to look better. However, this type of cosmetic procedure is among the most common in Hollywood since female actresses as well as musicians are under a […]

Elisha Cuthbert plastic surgery

While this actress is a natural beauty, Elisha Cuthbert is also the recipient of professional help from her plastic surgeon. Elisha Cuthbert plastic surgery rumors are indeed true, based on the photos of the former 24 mainstays before she became a popular Hollywood celebrity. It appears that she had her nose adjusted to make it […]